Atlanteans, we are the Atlantis Group B.V.

The Atlantis Group B.V. was created by the merger of 3 different companies that had a difficult time on their own, partly due to corona, but now that we have merged into one company, we are strongly facing the future because we bundle our resources. Because this concept helps us so, we are now looking for you, an independent employee who believes that working together and sharing each other's resources benefits everyone.

The next step that will be taken in 2021 is to establish the companies as operating companies under the Atlantis Group B.V. As a result, we are looking for directors for the BVs who share our vision of society and who become co-owners of the group. But now you are reading this and you have an idea for another company that certainly fits our vision, then what?

I want to join the Atlantis Group and become an Atlantian

Anyone who wants to work as a self-employed person from production employee to management with the vision that cooperation and sharing resources is the way to the future is welcome. On our registration page you can indicate exactly what you can do, what you want and how you can make the future better for yourself and therefore for everyone. The advantages of belonging to us in the group are, among other things, every new technology we invent, you get 1 for free, become a director and co-owner of the company, you can count on the free services of administration, hosting and online payments. , custom software and much more. As an Atlantian, you can also arrive at any new company that carries out products or services for free and / or in exceptional cases at a purchase price.

Become an Atlantian